Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Peanuts, Boxes and Bubble Wrap, Oh My!

To someone who is charged with shipping on a regular basis, these three things are attractive, precious, desirable, and kind of addictive. I have several friends that remember me and my never ending quest for packing materials and will show up with a car filled with boxes and paper. The really special friends bring me peanuts and bubble wrap. For the latter group, if they do this often enough, they will be mentioned in my last will and testament for a share of my prodigious stash and equipment. (Now if this works as I am planning, I will never have to search for boxes or packing material again!)
I have a good friend that owns a photography studio and he will bring me dozens of boxes. Tantalizing, sturdy, double thick boxes that I can not use. They all have the dreaded black triangle indicating that the box held hazardous materials. Like say, camera film. I am sure you know how very deadly a box of film can be! When I tell him I cannot use the boxes, he poo poo's me and says the boxes are wonderful and perfect for shipping. Now if I can only get the post office guy to agree with him I would be happy. It does not help that when I go to mail my boxes, the mail room staff sing out with "Hi! Spindle Lady!" They are mesmerized that I am a wood turner, which funny as it sounds is a shock when someone calls me that. I am a Spindle maker, I spin, knit, and buy stash. Oh yeah, I also am a Professional Wood Turner. Ha. Still makes me laugh.
When I was growing up, living in a house with no less than two artists, and knowing I had not the talent of my very gifted parents, I determined for something else. I humbly decided that I would become a potter and live on Nantucket Island. I would be world famous and my pots and other pieces of work would be eagerly sought by a large group of pottery fans. Blush. Instead I walked into that Scottish castle spinning store and zigged more than zagged. I have not looked back once (although a house on the beach of Nantucket would be nice) and still wake with the thought that I will come in close proximity to wool and wood sometime today. And tingle.

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