Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just like eveyone else!

Even as I write this I am still unbelieving! I am going to Boulder to visit Shuttles Spindles and Skeins, but not just to paw and handle yarn, no indeed. A very good friend of mine, Connie, has waved a carrot that I cannot pass up. A three day class with Judith. Yes... that Judith. Did I merely sniff at the carrot and delicately nibble from the side? No, I grabbed that carrot and ran like a ravaging rabid rabbit. I am going to a Judith class for three days, visiting with Connie, and spending some time with those wonderful Colorado people that I so fell in love with last time I was there. Does it get any better? Oh yeah... and I might buy some yarn!
I remember the first time I stumbled onto a spinning and weaving store. I was walking with my Mom, strolling around the shopping district of the small California town I was raised in, and we saw that the new "Scottish Castle" styled building had finally opened. Mom and I had been watching its progress for months, and could not wait to see what it would end up representing. It was a complete surprise to walk in and be hit with the sight of spinning wheels, looms, all the tools to use both and the most intoxicating scent of fresh Australian fleece. I was astounded by my reaction to the room I was in. After all I was a 12 year old cool beach girl with no experience with spinning or weaving. However, on a very fundamental level, I was home. Not once since 1972 have I ever woken without the thrill that sometime today, I might be spinning, knitting or in some way flinging wool around. Going to Colorado to just be a student, surrounded by other fiber crazed people, and best of all hanging with Connie, well it's that Scottish Castle moment again!

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