Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mr. Belvedere

When Bart and I adopted our dog Dallas from the Shelter, we were not looking for a dog. We were desperately searching for your beloved Brown Tabby Mr.Belvedere. Mr. Belvedere was a stray, an old and very dear friend offered to us knowing we were looking for a cat that needed a home. I have known Kathy (who is a very devoted spinner and weaver) for many many years and have watched her snatch untold animals from starvation, cruelty and homelessness. She has spent much of her families disposable income on helping these poor animals. If you ever meet her (lucky you!) do have her tell you the Duck Man story. I promise you will pee your pants at least twice before it's done.
Mr. Belvedere was a year old outdoor cat that had been abandoned at the local vets office. As usual Kathy had had him neutered and was looking to place him with a family that would love him. Kathy informed me he was exceptional, a well mannered gentleman cat indoors, and he was.
I could go on forever about how wonderful it was to have him in the house. If you were sad, Mr.Belvedere offered hugs and kisses, he stayed by your side if you were anxious. He loved my daughters, particularly McKenna my youngest. His one bad habit was a lust for the outdoors that knew no limits. We tried everything to keep him in, and occasionally he would manage a "great" escape. One Sunday Mr. Belvedere had made good his attempt at a crafty jailbreak, and made it outdoors. It was his undoing. Within an hour McKenna knew he was in trouble and we started looking for him right away. I had a strange feeling that I would never see him again; I was wrong.
I called a local shelter and asked if they had any Brown Tabby's. The lady at the Shelter said "uh.........yes" like I was crazy. When we arrived I knew why. They had hundreds of homeless and lost cats, most of them tabby. Mr. Belvedere was not there, and my heart broke to see all the frightened kittens, cats and mommy cats with their little lost families. Since we were there, Bart suggested we walk through the dog kennels. At the end of the last room there was a hand lettered sign that said "Newf Lab Cross" in the holding pen was a big black puppy, looking like a little black bear cub. When my eyes met hers it was all over, her eyes said "Thank heavens your here! I've been waiting!" There was no discussion or talk between us, we were looking at the dog that was ours. When we opened the kennel door she ran the length of the room looking in each kennel. I was disappointed, I thought she would run to Bart and I, then embrace us as her new family. Only after she looked in each pen did she come to us and let us hold her and pet her. The girl at the counter said she had been found roaming the streets with her brother who had been adopted several days before. I was floored. She had been looking for her brother! Before we had signed the papers or paid the fee, we knew we had hit the jackpot. She is so loving and devoted. I swear she has a sense of humor. Her intelligence is amazing and she has her own favorite movies and TV shows. Yes, she watches TV. I kid you not.
We did find Mr. Belvedere. Even my youngest daughter McKenna does not know how he died, other than he was run over by a car, we never told her the whole truth. Bart found him about 2 blocks from home, laying in the road. He had not been hit by a car but had been tortured in ways that defy description. All I can hope for is Karma, waiting for whoever did this. In the end, Mr. Belvedere brought Dallas home.


  1. ::sniff:: what a bittersweet story and a wonderful one. Any pet would be very lucky and priviledged indeed to be in your family.

  2. No "blue bathroom" for Dallas. She's such a sweetheart!