Monday, June 22, 2009

New Spindle on the Way!

We have a new spindle on the horizon! Bart had an idea for a spindle so he ran one for me to try out. It is different from what we have now, always good when one is designing a new spinning tool. This one is going to have a loo...oong, sustained, and fierce spin. I got the distinct impression that it was leading the dance - kind of bossy. I liked its decisiveness. I am going to put up a photo of one at the end of the post. What I love most about a new spindle is the exploration of what it will do in all the different kinds of woods. What it will do best given the myriad fibers possible. How shall I size the shafts? What fun! Honestly, can you believe this is my mode of employment? I remember many many years ago my 5 pound bottom whorl with a dowel through the middle of the round, and very uncomfortable to spin. It was not really 5 pounds, but it seemed like it. I did manage to conquer spindle spinning with it, and I do have a photo of my then 11 year old son spinning on it, so I did enjoy working with it. My big problem; I had no teacher. There were no classes offered in my area, and no spinning guild that I could go to for help. I loved it so much that I determined someday I would be able to explore making them myself. How I was going to do that with no equipment and a big fear of power tools, I had no idea.


  1. Oh, wow! I can hardly wait to see what you come up with!
    As for the Damsel Moniques, I would love one of those, but they tend to sell so fast I never get a chance - and, yes, we are back from Woolfest with far fewer spindles than we set off with!